Surprise in the workshop

We started our business in 2013, starting with dog collars: decorative and plain, big and small.  As our business grew, we started to expand our line of products to include more variety, like wallets and belts.  Over the years we learned our customers better and knew that it was time to expand our shop so we could have a place not only to build what was ordered but to start keeping stock so we can ship things faster.  We had the perfect space for it:

A 1920's two car garage which had the perfect amount of space for what we needed for our leather, cutting table, dying table, tooling table, and the machinery. 

Clean up took a good couple of weeks and the last debris was a board that was nailed to the wall.  It was previously used for years as spraypaint backdrop, nailed with hooks to hang old tools and a backdrop for a shelf.  Upon removal, we were surprised to discover that it was an old 1920's fruit stand sign.  



The original owner had similar sights when he owned this property, a place to call home and a place to make a living. He started with what he had and built a life based upon those dreams.  Almost a hundred years later, we too have this place to call home and God willing, build a life based upon the tools we have and our trade.

We cleaned up the sign and hung it on our wall; a long-standing tribute to the American Dream.  Well, a tribute to Mr. Bromalow and although our sign is not hand painted and standing on the side of the road, it isn't that far off as we set our sign out on the Internet Highway.  


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  • I love this story ! This is passion!

    Tiffany Jones

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