Dog Days of Summer

In celebration of summer, we are kicking off our Fourth of July weekend with a patriotic flair.  All of our products are handcrafted, however, there are a few pieces that are truly One of a Kind, mostly because crafting a piece of art is not a process that is manufactured on a large scale, or, at least it shouldn't be. 

In order to stay competitive in today's market, we strive to merge to the two by having items that are still crafted by hand but are ready to ship quickly, such as our classic wallet designs and our plain dog collars.  The specialized artistic pieces like our valet trays or guitar straps usually take weeks to complete and once these pieces are sold, it is usually not available again.  Summer is a perfect time for us to complete these pieces and custom order pieces so they can be ready to ship for that special day.  

We hope you are enjoying these dog days of summer as much as we are.  Here is  our latest dog collar for sale: 

This dog collar is an XL which would fit a neck size of 23-26 inches and is crafted from 9-10 ounce vegetable tanned leather.  The 9-10 ounce leather is strong enough for a big dog but lightweight to make it a pretty comfortable fit.  It has been hand cut and hand painted with the red, white and blue colors of our American Flag.  The border is airbrushed a silver color.  The collar fastens with a nickel plated roller buckle and is secured by Chicago screws (not rivets). 

Available in our shop now until sold. 

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