My Father's Wallet

There is something about my father’s wallet that seemed sacred.  An untouchable piece resting on the dresser, and although it was scattered among the (less coveted) pocket clutter: keys, spare change, and gum wrappers, the wallet had a patina would give off a soft glow, inspiring awe and reverence.  On occasion, I remember my dad would ask me to bring me his wallet and I would solemnly pick it up, wondering at the smooth feel of it.  The shape piqued my curiosity, for it had a slight curve alluding that it was an extension of my father as he had worn it for years in his back pocket.  I would return it to him with pride that he asked me to do such an important errand as any 6-year-old girl who idolized her father might feel.  Over the years, it would become a symbol of his presence in the home; a calling card on the dresser that we were safe.  No one messed with my dad. 

When I became old enough to have my own wallet, a pink fabric piece that velcroed closed, I knew it was my first step to independence, but it failed to have the same weight as my father’s and it reminded me how much more I had to grow in order to be an adult.  The shoes to fill were mighty. 

As I grew into the woman I am today, the whiff of pipe tobacco and coffee would send me down memory lane and I wonder about my own children, thankful they too have a father who empties his pockets on the table by the door. 

Today, wallets are still a traditional gift for Father’s Day or Christmas but we found that a lot of the wallets mass produced lack the longevity and luster that were made back in the day.  We found these paper thin “genuine leather” wallets stitched together with spider thin thread and discover that they would fall apart the moment it would fit you perfectly.  Forcing you to go out and buy another one.  Too many items are made to be disposable and we believe a wallet just shouldn’t be one of them. 

This Father’s Day, we hope you find the perfect wallet that will last long enough to make it a fond memory for your children. Whether you are looking for the classic bifold or a modern minimalist wallet, we have quite a selection to choose from.

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